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Solid oak and painted Panelling

Our solid oak and painted panelling is created using a range of period style moulding’s to suit, or replicate a client’s specific requirements.

We offer earlier and later styles of solid oak and painted panelling from the 16th to 18th century, ideal for enhancing hallways, libraries and studies and suitable for both listed and period type properties.

All of our panelling styles are traditionally manufactured using traditonal methods and can be supplied in either dado or full height. Using our cabinetry skills we can also conceal Media equipment and create useful storage space.

Pictured are some examples of the possible choices available. The illustrations shown in this section are of a Georgian / Wren style panelling. Each arrangement of painted style panelling incorporates flat and broken Pediments, with a combination of inset and raised moulding’s. These are meant as a guide only but serve to provide a sense of what we can achieve.

The Tudor and Stuart style panelling with a flat, parchment or linen fold panel lends itself to carved decoration and are available with various carved or uncarved frieze rails and moulding details to enhance the design.


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