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WOOD IS A ORGANIC AND UNIQUE material that accepts a wide range of finishes.  To bring out the true beauty of wood and the desired effect such as distressed or antique, great care must be taken in applying the finish.

No amount of woodworking skill or design excellence can make up for a poor finish. A flawlessly applied finish will protect the artefact and adds to its aesthetic beauty. Finishers are skilled craftsmen who spend years perfecting their art.

Our team of finishers use a wide range of water stains, shellacs, lacquers and a variety of waxes in time honoured methods to produce a distinctive finish, whether it be distressed to give an aged antique effect or left very clean for the more contemporary look.

We also offer a hand painted finish from a wide range of paints and our craftsmen are available for onsite polishing and restoration if required.

Every item is finished to a very high standard and is bespoke to meet our client’s specification.