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Makers of handcrafted architectural joinery and interiors

Solid oak Panelling and painted Panelling

Wainscot interiors design, manufacture finish and install solid oak panelling, painted panelling, period panelling and panelled rooms.

We recreate panelling from the 16th to 18th century using the finest quality sustainable hardwoods developed from a range of period style moulding’s to suit, or replicate a client’s specific requirements.

  • Oak panelling
  • Painted panelling
  • Bolection moulded panelling
  • Wainscot panelling
  • Dado height panelling
  • Full height panelling
  • Linen fold panelling
  • Fielded panelling
  • Georgian style panelling
  • Wren style panelling

Either enhancing hallways, creating libraries and studies or recreating original features of a period or listed property, we have the expertise to do it all.

All of our panelling is manufactured using traditional methods and the finest sustainable European oak.

Using cabinetry skills we can integrate and conceal Media equipment to create useful storage space.

The illustrations shown in this section are of a Georgian / Wren style panelling. Each arrangement of painted style panelling incorporates flat and broken Pediments, with a combination of inset and raised moulding’s. These are meant as a guide only but serve to provide a sense of what we can achieve.

The Tudor and Stuart style panelling with a flat, parchment or linen fold panel lends itself to carved decoration. These are available with various carved or uncarved frieze rails and moulding details to enhance the design.


Wainscot Interiors offer a wide variety of specialist finishing methods for our panelling. Our team of finishers are enthusiastic passionate and have a keen eye for detail.

Using traditional skills involving hand planing, distressing and texturing of the grain we aim to create a level of authenticity.

Through water stains and shellac french polish we create our own unique finishes. Crafting bespoke colours using pigments and applying the shellac by hand to get the right look for each project. We also use modern finishing techniques, such as, spraying lacquers and spirit stains for contemporary work. Every project we undertake varies so requires its very own specific attention to detail.


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