Wainscot Interiors


Makers of handcrafted architectural joinery and interiors

Hardwood Panelling

18th Century Panel

Georgian style dado solid oak panelling with flat panel, pegged construction, applied moulding and dentiliated panel cap.

oak panelling

17th / 18th Century Panel

Raised and fielded panel with applied carved egg and dart moulding.

oak panelling

17th Century Style Panel

Carved freeze above flat oak panelling and applied mouldings with picture rail and cornice.

oak panelling

Ovolo 17th Century Panel

Raised and fielded solid oak panelling with scribed ovolo moulded joints.

oak panelling

15th / 16th Century Panel

Parchiemin oak panelling with scribed joints with bevelled edge.

oak panelling


16th Century Flat Panel

Flat panel, scribed joints, scratched mouldings.

oak panelling

16th Century Linen Fold Panelling

Linen fold panel with lace stamp, scratch mouldings and scribe joints.

lunette carving

Authentic Freeze Style Carvings

Lunette Carving

oak panelling


oak panelling

Fluted Carving

oak carving

Stamped Strap Work


Wainscot interiors design, manufacture, finish and install a variety of panelling.

Using the finest quality sustainable hardwoods and a range of period style moulding’s to suit, or replicate a client’s specific requirements, we create solid oak polished panelling and painted panelling from the 16th to 18th century.

Our team of enthusiastic and passionate finishers offer a wide variety of specialist finishing methods. Using traditional skills that include hand planing, distressing and texturing of the grain we aim to create a high level of authenticity.

Through water stains and shellac french polish we create our own unique finishes. Crafting bespoke colours using pigments and applying the shellac by hand to get the right look for each project.

We also use modern finishing techniques, such as, spraying lacquers and spirit stains for contemporary work. Every project we undertake varies therefore requires its very own specific attention to detail.